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Softwares available for estimation, analysis and justification based on DSR-2007


This blog is dedicated to all the engineers who follow the DSR 2007.
I read many queries on various sites and forums from engineers regarding preparation of estimate, analysis and justification statements.

Here are some useful links for CPWD Engineers.

1) Link for Circulars & Correction Slips Issued by CPWD

2) Link for Old Circulars

3) CPWD and other useful Publications, DSR Download

4) CPWD Forms

5) CPWD Promotions and Transfers Status

CPWD engineers and contractors who follow DSR-2007 spend hours in preparing estimates, analysis of rates and justification statements.
Here are some useful software’s for engineers to prepare estimates, analysis of rates and justification statements based on DSR 2007.

1) ESTA 2007 (www.ojasvi.in)

ESTA 2007 is well established Software being used by thousands of Engineers in preparing detail Estimate, Market Rate Justification, Schedule of work for NIT and Tender documents, Comparative Statements, contractor bills etc.
This software is being used by more than 55 Govt. Departments and many Private Builders through out India:
By use of software ESTA 2007, the working of Engineers has changed drastically and their efficiency has been increased many folds.

List of Clients of ESTA 2007

Salient Features of ESTA 2007

All the Database and Estimates are completely safe with two levels of passwords one for user and other for Officer-In-Charge.

Multiple Database
Multiple Database can be run on Esta 2002 i.e. SR 2007 (Civil), SR 2007 (Electrical) and/or any other database.

Estimate can be prepared by selecting the items and entering the quantities. Abstract of cost will be generated automatically with cost index, contingencies and departmental charges.

Analysis of Rates
The analysis of rates for estimate items can be modified with-in minutes by modifying rates of material & labour based on current market rates.

Justification Statements
Two types of justification statements will be automatically generated based on updated analysis. The 1st one is the conventional and the 2nd one segregates the SR-items and Market rate items in separate groups.

Schedule for NIT (with Rates)
For the Estimate prepared, Schedule for NIT (with rates) and abstract of cost will be automatically generated.

Schedule for Tender
For the Estimate prepared schedule for tender document/ NIT (without rates) and abstract of cost will be automatically generated.

Sub Heads in Entry order/ SR Order
Sub heads of items in a Estimate can be arranged either in SR order (in the order as given in SR) or Entry order (in the order as they are entered).

With Subhead/ without Subhead
Items of the Estimate can be arranged either under different sub heads or in continuous order without sub heads.

Quantum of Basic Material & Labour
Quantum of basic material and labour components required in the project/ work will be automatically generated including cost wise percentage part of each component.

Comparative Statement of tenderers
Comparative statement can be prepared by entering the tenderer’s name and their quoted rates. The lowest tenderer’s name and his percentage rates above or below the estimated cost will be automatically highlighted in bottom of the report. Furthermore there is no limit on the number of tenderers to be entered with Esta 2002.

Comparative Statement of lowest, just & Estimate
Comparative statement of lowest tenderer, justified and estimated rates will automatically be generated and can be printed just by clicking on icon.

Schedule for Agreement
Schedule of work of agreement can be prepared by selecting the tenderer serial number. By changing the negotiated item’s rate if any, the schedule of work will be modified automatically.

Schedule of ALR/AHR Items
Esta 2007 will automatically define the ALR/AHR items by comparing agreement rate with justified rates (estimated rates duly enhanced by cost index).

Running Account Bill
Running account bill of contractor can be prepared by selecting the items from agreement items, extra items and substituted items and by entering the quantity & part rates.

Part Rate Statement
Part rate statement is automatically generated for each running bill prepared and can be printed directly.

Cement Consumption Statement
Cement Consumption statement is automatically generated for each running bill prepared and can be printed directly.

Extra Item Statement
Extra item statement can be prepared by selecting the items in the same manner as in estimate. The percentage above or below to SR rates (as of similar agreement item from SR/ Estimated rate) is to fed.

Substituted Item Statement
Substituted item statement can prepared by selecting the agreement item to be substituted and then the item by which it is to be substituted. The percentage above or below (as of substituted Item from SR/estimate rate) is to fed

Final Account Bill
Final account bill of contractor can be prepared by selecting the items from agreement items, extra item and substituted item and by entering the quantities.

Deviation Statement
The Deviation statement is automatically generated and can be printed for every running bill and final bill.

Sequence of Operations
All operations has been arranged as per the procedure adopted by most of the Public Works Departments and other Engineering Departments in the following sequence:

1. Preparation of Estimate, NIT (with Rates), tender documents.
2. Analysis of rates and justification statement.
3. Preparation of comparative statement of tenders received.
4. Schedule of work for agreement.
5. Schedule of ALR/AHR Items.
6. Running account bill.
7. Part Rate Statement.
8. Cement Consumption statement.
9. Extra item statement with analysis of rates.
10. Substituted item statement with analysis of rates.
11. Final account bill.
12. Deviation statement

2) CPA (CPWD Planning Application)

CPWD Planning Application (CPA) based on DSR 2007 has been developed which will substantially reduce cycle time of planning activities. The software integrates the useful features and facilities generally needed in planning offices. This will also enhance capability of the employees to utilize IT based systems in CPWD.

Features of CPA

• Modified DSR items and Non Schedule Items can be entered including analysis of rates, so that the analysis can be used for the justification of rates. To reduce typing work the item and analysis of rate data from another existing item can be copied to other items and then modified as required. The analysis of rates of modified DSR and Non Schedule items can be copied to the estimate, so that when the estimate is sent another office the justification can be done for these items even though the analysis of rates of these items is not present in the master database of that office.

• There is flexibility in feeding the analysis of rate to enter mathematical formulas, sub analysis items etc.

• Items are listed in the descending order of percentage of estimated cost along with the cumulative percentage, so that the items up to 90% of estimate cost can be selected easily for justification. If the user does not want to enter the analysis of rate for non schedule / modified schedule items, then the justified rate can be directly entered for justification. The program indicates by color coding the user entered justified rates.

• Percentage of each item is worked out and bar chart is displayed and it can be sorted by the user. This gives an idea of weightage of different items in the estimate. Percentage of schedule items over the total estimated cost is also displayed as a bar to give an idea that the program is dominated by schedule items or non schedule items.

• Reports of abstract of cost, detailed estimate, list of basic rates for justification, comparative statement, justification statement etc. can be printed in the same format as being used in the department including the (designations) stamps of offices.

• Three levels of security is provided. The DSR items, DAR and basic rates for DAR cannot be added, deleted or modified by either by the admin user or the normal user. The modified schedule items, NS items and analysis can be added, deleted or modified by the admin user. Apart from this, the data which is stored in master database like cost index data, contractors data etc. can be created and modified only by the admin user. The normal user cannot save any data to the master database. This has been provided to have better security and to avoid any change in the DSR, DAR and basic rates for DAR either intentionally or unintentionally. If any correction slip is issued for these, the changes will be made and the corrected database will be posted on CPWD website for download.

• After entering the data, the estimate can be locked to avoid unwanted modifications.

• Estimate can be created from a template file, so that the commonly required options can be stored in the template to save time.

• Back up of estimate can be created and all the files are neatly organized in folders.

• The items can be filtered based on item type, selection, subhead, words in the description of the item and the filtered items will be displayed in the table.

• Estimate, schedule of quantities for NIT, list of basic materials can be exported to excel compatible spreadsheet. After receiving the market rates in spreadsheet, the market rates can be imported from spreadsheet for justification.

• Color highlighting is provided to easily identify the DSR, Non Schedule items, selected items, items with quantity blank etc.

• NIT including CPWD-6, CPWD-8 form and schedule of quantities is generated in word format. The user can edit the template file to modify the NIT template as per the requirements. It can be later used for preparation of tender documents.

• The total quantity and amount of basic material and labour is worked out. The basic material and and labour required for each item and the itemwise break up of the basic material and labour can be viewed

3) Super Estimator Software

This superb and painstakingly-made software is best of civil estimations, bidding and rate-analysis. In just a few clicks, you can prepare all kinds of estimates based on SOR (Schedule of Rates) items or NS (non-Schedule) items or a mix of both, make use of Standard Template feature for quick working including earthwork, buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, etc. Prepare Rate Analysis also with same ease.

4) Tera Pro (http://www.concretebasics.org/terapro/index.html)

Designed for use by engineers & contractors, the software stands out as an unique Single Point Solution to Engineers' & Contractors' requirements for quick, easy & accurate preparation of estimates after conducting rate analysis in a professional way, inviting Tenders, financial evaluation of tenders including justification of received rates/offers (as per market analysis) & comparison of various financial offers.

Features of Tera Pro

• Compatible with "Schedule of Rates" (i.e. SOR) & "Analysis of Rates" (i.e. AOR) of all the Government departments like C.P.W.D, Railways, M.E.S, State PWDs etc.

• Permits preparation of Estimates, Tender notices, Justification Statements, Comparative Statements & bills

• Permits preparation of Material Statement & Labour Statement for a particular job

• Can be used as the Central Data Bank for all Estimates & Rate Analysis being prepared by your organization.

• Comes inbuilt with Standard reports for "Notice Inviting Tender" (i.e. NIT), "NIT Schedule", "Abstract Estimate", "Detailed Estimate", "Analysis of Rates", "Justification Statement", "Comparative Statement" , "Labour Requirement Statement", "Material Requirement" Statement etc. Export to WORD/EXCEL facility gives you an added facility to further customize the reports to your specific requirements.

• Advance security features ensure that tempering of data by unauthorised persons does not take place.

• Extremely easy to use .....can be efficiently utilized by even the non-engineers!

5) Build System

BuildSYSTEM is a comprehensive building construction cost database, with an estimating software. It has been jointly developed by Integrated Project Management Group and R.S. Means, USA. The technical collaboration between IPMG and R.S. Means, USA has been approved by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry , vide their letter no. 51 (2004) / 31 ( 2004 ) / PAB-IL, dated 30 July, 2004.

The major features of BuildSYSTEM are :

• Comprises of the following construction cost databases:

• IPMG’s 5000 Items of Work relating to civil , plumbing , electrical , mechanical and HVAC - 2009, with Analysis of Rates .

• CPWD’s Delhi Schedule of Rates - 2002, with Analysis of Rates .

• CPWD’s Delhi Schedule of Rates - 2007, with Analysis of Rates, (Civil & Electrical) .

• Ministry of Road Transport & Highway’s Standard Data Book – 2003, with
Analysis of Rates.

• The coding of all the items of work, materials, labour and equipments is in 12 digits based on MasterFormat, which is the international coding system being followed in US, Canada, China, Singapore and India.

• The analysis of rates include coefficients and rates of all the materials, labour and equipments in the analysis.

• Allows quick preparation of estimates by entering quantities in the items of work.

• Gives an estimate breakup, which totals all the materials, labour and equipments, with quantities, rates and amounts, in the estimate.

• Facility to modify coefficients and change rates of materials, labour and equipments in analysis and estimate. Also to add and remove materials, labour and equipments in analysis.

• Facility to change overhead percentage in items of work individually, and also in the estimate collectively. Also, add additional taxes ie VAT, excise , octroi etc.

• Facility to copy the items of work and analysis from the master database, modify them and create new items of work and analysis.


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